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Student feedback about Volunteer Training
"We have not even started our volunteering, but I already feel part of a warm, warm family."

"I found that the training was done in the spirit of the patient first. This touched my heart and nothing better could be said. Thank you."

"I used to be a training coordinator for a for-profit training organization...All I can say is this training has been the best that I have ever had contact with. Very professional, informative and entertaining. Don't change a thing!" 

Hospice Caring Volunteer ​​​​Training

All Hospice Caring volunteers who work directly with clients in our Patient and Family, Adult Bereavement, and Children’s Bereavement programs are required to take our Volunteer Training. All training is held at the Hospice Caring Cottage.

The Hospice Caring Fall Volunteer Training is scheduled for

October 2, 3, & 4, 2018. Click below for details.

Our general volunteer training will be held four times during the year. Check back soon for upcoming dates!

Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the heart of Hospice Caring. In order to responsibly serve patients and the bereaved, every volunteer who works directly with clients must complete a three-day (8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)introductory training session, which is often described by graduates as a transforming experience.

The training provides information about the many aspects of the dying process and the various non-medical ways to assist the dying through their end-of-life journey. Through lectures, guided exercises and role playing, staff and professionals present a broad range of information and skill-building instruction to new volunteers that prepares them to be one-on-one caregivers and bereavement facilitators. The training includes topics such as hospice care, death and dying, grief, communication, appreciating diversity, nursing homes, funeral homes, legal documents, Hospice Caring’s caregiving and bereavement programs, and volunteer self-care and responsibilities.

Registration: To register, please contact Penny Gladhill at pennyg@hospicecaring.org or 301-990-0852

Prerequisites: All potential volunteers (caregivers and group facilitators) who work directly with clients undergo a background check.

Additional training opportunities we provide are​ Adult Bereavement Facilitator Training, Good Grief Club Facilitator Training and Camp Caring Training. You must complete the three-day Volunteer Training to participate in the additional training opportunities. You must be at least 21 years or older to be trained for Camp Caring.  


Frequently Asked Questions About Training

If you have other questions, please contact Hospice Caring.

1. Are administrative and event volunteers required to take Volunteer Training? Will they still undergo a background check even if they don’t take Volunt

eer Training?

Administrative and event volunteers are not required to take the three-day Volunteer Training. The Volunteer Training is for “program” volunteers (caregivers and bereavement facilitators).

2. Do any of Hospice Caring’s training programs satisfy professional counseling or medical career field criteria for accreditation or continuing education units (CEUs)? Does Hospice Caring train professional hospice caregivers and bereavement facilitators in the various medical and social services career fields if they reimburse Hospice Caring for the cost of the training?

We have qualified and professional speakers at our training, and we meet the requirements of the State’s “Limited License Hospice” training.  We provide ongoing supervision, guidance, support and continuing education for our volunteers. They are invited to attend monthly meetings (caregiver support and bereavement support), a book club, and social gatherings. Volunteers are kept informed through newsletters, e-mails, and mailings. But it would not satisfy educational or professional credits because we are not medical.

3. I have already been trained by another hospice organization to be a volunteer caregiver and bereavement facilitator. Will my training transfer to Hospice Caring as a substitute for the Volunteer Training at Hospice Caring?

No. We are a unique hospice, and our training reflects our particular mission.

Training Location

Hospice Caring’s training is held at the Cottage in our resource room, the wing of the Cottage dedicated “Joshua’s Place at Hospice Caring: A Resource for Life™.” This peaceful, bright room is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave that students may use. Ample parking is available at the Cottage.