Illness and loss don’t discriminate. We all face the challenge of illness and grief at some point in our lives. You don't have to face it or grief alone. Hospice Caring ensures these services are here for you and your loved ones when you need a hand to hold.

Your donations and volunteer participation helps us provide critical programs at no charge to Montgomery County children, adults and families who need empathy and understanding as they come to terms illness and grief. Our programs provide support during some of life’s most challenging times.

Consider Hospice Caring’s impact in the past year:

• Adult Bereavement: 102 people participated in weekly support groups

• Camp Erin© Montgomery County: 71 campers attended two camps

• Community Education: 1,913 people attended educational sessions

• Family Nights: 56 family members participated in four workshops

• Good Grief Clubs: 261 students attended school-based support groups

• Volunteer Helping Hands: 72 volunteers visited 119 patients


Consider Hospice Caring's impact on children:

“I wasn’t expecting such a change in her in just two nights. She was like a different child, but in a good, open way.” – a mother of a Camp Erin participant


“The activities at Family Nights, especially at holiday time, helped us talk about him and imagine what he’d be like today.” – a mother who participated in Family Nights with her children.

Why Should You Get Involved?

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