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"I joined the under 50 spousal loss group after losing my wife Lesley to metastatic breast cancer. The support group had a profound effect on me, and as many who have attended such a support group would tell you, literally saved my life.

Many of the people that I met while attending my group I am now proud to call my extended family and I don't know what I would have done without them and the support that I received from Hospice Caring.

Because of the amazing experience I had with my support group, I felt compelled to 'pay it forward' and have been facilitating spousal loss support groups for over ten years. Facilitating support groups is an immensely rewarding experience and it gives me great comfort to know that I have been able to help others who are going through such a traumatic event in their lives."
  - Steve 

​​​​Contact Anne at 301-990-0854 or anneb@hospicecaring.org to register

Adult Bereavement

Surviving the death of a loved one can be challenging emotionally and on a practical level. The pain and distress of grief is often misunderstood by those around us, adding to our sense of uncertainty at a vulnerable time in our life.

Peer support can help you cope with the trauma of losing someone close to you. Just having an understanding ear can be crucial. Our safe, confidential support groups are composed of caring people who are grieving a similar loss. Our members benefit from the collective wisdom and empathy of others who are traveling a similar path.  

All groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and provided at no charge. County residency is not required.

Pre-Registration is required. Please contact Anne Baker, Director of Adult Bereavement Services at anneb@hospicecaring.orgor 301-990-0854 to register.  

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- Grandparents Grieving the Death of a Grandchild

​- Loss by Suicide

- Parent Loss

- Parents Grieving the Death of a Teenage Child

- Parents Grieving the Death of an Adult Child

- Sibling/Friend Loss

- Spousal/Partner Loss